Our technology advantages


Multi-layer inner bag technology that is leak-proof against carbon dioxide, oxygen, aromas and micro-molecules

Unequalled conservation of more than one year!


Limited investment versus steel barrels

No cleaning required & water consumption reduction

No more beer loss when changing kegs

Transport of the kegs 2x lighter than steel and 4x lighter than glass

Carbon dioxide replaceable by compressed air

6x less plastic recycling versus oneway plastic kegs


Available with couplers (A, S, D, G) and compatible with all drumming lines

Total traceability of the barrels by a “track & trace” system, with RFID and directly connected to the internet

Fermentation in barrels possible


Full ecological cycle management:

Recycled raw materials

Lightweight packaging

Barrels more than 100 times reusable

Recycling of used inner bags

Total beer consumption in the kegs

Water & chemicals consumption reduction


Unique “blow moulding” container technology reinforced with glass fibre, guaranteeing perfect safety (resistance up to 20 bars with safety valve at 8 bars)